The basis of surfing is to experience something new. Each wave that you ride is completely unique and every journey that you take, from point break to shoreline, is completely original as well.

Boldly paddling out to take a journey that no other person has is the motivation behind every surfer in the world. And so, every surfing related story that has ever been told is completely unique as well.

Limiting a digital magazine to a topic as niche as surfing might seem like a recipe for disaster, but the intrepid nature of surfing makes for a wealth of material.

Northern Surfer Magazine has been created by an author whose love of this liberating pastime extends to the people behind it. For every surfboard that is owned in the world, there is a truly original and deeply interesting person who rides it. And so it is the mission of Northern Surfer to tell as many of these stories as is humanly possible.

Every week, a brand-new, feature-length article will be published, detailing an extraordinary story that would never have happened without the wonderful sport of surfing.

Accompanied by the work of some inspiring photographers, each story that is published onto this website will aim to either tell the tale of an enthralling surf trip or share the personal journey of a fellow wave-chaser.

Whether you love to throw yourself at the mercy of crashing waves or if you’re actually more of a football or rugby type of person, I hope that you enjoy a moment of escapism in each article that gets published. After all, you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy a travel feature about exploring the wild coast of northern Spain, or enjoy reading about a man who paddled through Arctic waves as an orca breached just inches away from him.

Whatever you enjoy, I hope that you feel up to stopping by each week for a browse, even if you don’t feel up to paddling out and braving the cold…